Don’t be a fool

Perhaps you can’t make her fall in love with you
But I know what ya gotta’ do

Try to make her laugh with you
thats the way , thats my clue

If that doesnt work as well
Man –  thats a hell

Maybe, you’re not funny
Or she is a fool

Love ain’t be just a random tool
Try to be cool, that’s the rule

Why gettin’ mad about a girl
I say dont worry – don’t be sorry

Get up your head and stop to struggle
Otherwise you won’t survive that fuckin’ trouble

If she isn’t even pretty
Then relax cause thats no pity

I’m just jokin’
All the stuff i say is shitty

Don’t be gritty, dont be picky
That’s how it reads in any Wiki

Give her a call and make her fall
in love with you at all

Remember love is a tool
Dont be a fool

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