Most people might rate their own human being as the most valuable one – compared with others … I guess.
Now, i will rather tell you why i propose to rate an artists value much higher. I dedicate the following to be a tribute to all the wonderful artists out there!

Time passes by…
The older someone becomes, the more he looks back into his passed life. Wondering what has happend, reviewing situations went by, possibilities being missed or hit, love found or lost.

And to all of those memories everyone of us has,  each of us might connect a very special moment or feeling to it. Quite often it’s music, a specific smell or something similar which is giving you the strongest flashback to getting back in time and to catch that special moment in life once again. Those people who create kind of long lasting creativity work might not be even aware of it, but for some individuals, simple fragments of art might mean everything.

When looking back into my own childhood, i can clearly imagine or morelikely hear the sound of a Ressikan Flute coming to my ears. It is teleporting myself back into time when i was around 12 years or so, watching Star Trek The NEXT Generation in television. It’s always ever been my favourite SciFi series. Since i can think of, i was dreaming of escaping for an adventure. What else is better suiting this as flying away with a starship into the deep of the skies? Today i have heard the exact same song again which made me think of these times again as a small kid.

That’s why i just want to remind about all those great artist out there ever existing in history whose work do mean the universe for someone. Wheter this is Gene Roddenberry, Richard P. Feynman, Einstein, J.R.R. Tolkien or who else…

This is why i suppose the artists and their works to count more then others. This is their power. The unique ability is to bring my mind back in time which has long been passed. That’s why they do stand out of the mass, no matter whether they are singers, drawers, writers or whatsoever.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end – especially memories. But new adventures and feelings are awaiting us!

So “Let’s see what’s out there – and just let the skies be the limit…”

;-) Why dont’t you use the comment area to tell me about your personal memories and some special related feelings which you connect to them to get yourself back in time to feel them once again? ;-)

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