Checklist for a “happy” life

– Live an ordinary everydays life , do not do unexceptional stuff and stick with Other’s expectations

– Take no risk for the sake of security

– Keep close to what you are used to cause its convinient

– Accep a quality level below your personal average standard cause searching and make youself better then you are is challenging and exhausting

– Take what you get cause you belive there is nothing better; Cause you think you are not worthy to deserve the best out of the best


Do you think there ‘s gonna be some sort of second life stuff coming to you after you have passed away and have dealed with an ordinary, boring, safe life, dont you? A life where you have always considered what other people think of what you are. Judging your decisions, question them whether they are right or not?

I’ll tell you somehting you might already have thought of: At the end, at the very moment when you see that last bright light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll be recognizing that every single moment of your life was precious and that all those missed chances were never about to come again.
You were always trying to make yourself believe that this is not the right time to do something, but next time you gonna do it. Next day you’ll achieve it. Next chance you will take it.

But there wont be a next time. There is no tomorrow if you live like that! There is no LATER going to be, cause you dont enjoy the moment. And you have missed them all for what you thought was “keeping conventions of life” set by others who have never truly lived. You may worry about the happiness and fate of others, but while doing that, you do forget about your own happiness.

Why not take this moment and decide to change and start watching your life becoming valuable. Make yourself happy and give a fuck about what other people think. Just give a shit and everything will be turning out alright.

And while we are already talking , why dont you read this book: Sincerely you are joking MR Feynman [Richard P. Feynman] -> It will definately be changing the way you see life, or how to treat conventions. So it did for me a decade ago already…

Make you own checklist of being happy, but don’t forget: You do live once…and other people being your main worry today might not be part of you life anymore in 10 years.

There’s no tomorrow! There is only today! Live like that….

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